Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Craft box

I made this as a birthday gift for a coworker.

Found this nice chest at Hobby Lobby for about $4, but it was boring looking, so I decided to paint it and stencil something on it. The girl I made this for is very goth and wears only black and really has no other color she likes. Red is the next closest. Not very helpful for creative ideas, but I managed.

I got glossy black paint (only one bottle and I didn't finish it) and glossy red paint for the stencil. I painted the entire outside black.

I didn't know what to stencil on it because I didn't really have anything I thought she would like. However I found a swirl stencil I forgot about and used that to make it more fun.

She enjoyed it and it only took me a few hours to do. Mostly because I had to stop and let it dry otherwise I would get paint all over my fingers. She uses it to store her crochet supplies, so I feel as is I have helped a fellow crafter.


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