Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow is a falling!

Not sure if any of you are, or do, follow the weather in other places. If you do then you most likely know that Colorado is getting more than its fair share  of snow right now. As of right now I have close to 15 inches. (and its still falling!) Now this is not out of the question for Colorado. Granted we don't normally get record breaking snow fall in February.... it normally comes in March and April. (Yes we get snow for a long time... sometimes even into June.) I thought I would share with you my moments of snow.

This was about 10am and measured about 7 inches at the time.

This was around 3pm and measured a foot.

Tree got a bit buried.

We have a stone path that leads from the deck to the gate and also to the bottom deck. We shovel it because Lucy won't go down off the deck to pee unless she can do so without freezing. Other wise we get pee spots on the deck.

That's Lucy, our British Cocker Spaniel.

Ironically that is pointing in the direction of the wind, but the directions are wrong. The wind is so strong that moved the directional points. Its actually blowing east, as west is towards the Mountains.

The snow is about 2 inches above my calfs at this point... and yes I am in "Naugthy/Nice" pj pants.

The truck is my brothers' and its parked at the bottom of our rather steep drive way. My car is parked at the top of the street because it was snowing already when I got home from work last night at 8pm. I didn't want to park behind my brother, like I normally do, because my car is very bad in snow and likes to slide around. I wanted to avoid sliding into his truck.

Lucy licking snow, which she loves to do. This is the top of the drive way. Its at an incline already, but it can be hard to tell from pictures. I shoveled this drive way twice before I took this picture.

That is the snow pile that was made from around 10am. It gets piled up at the end of our street.

Tree got a little buried by the snow pile.

Those are the trees in our front yard, which is about a quarter acre. 

That's the decal wood design over the garage doors.

View from under the three cluster trees in the middle of the front yard.

Lucy running around like she is a puppy. Ears a flying.

She has this thing about shoving her head in the snow... not sure why, but she loves it. 

The bench sits close to the cluster of pine trees in the front yard. Its a lovely spot to sit and relax, just not right at this moment.

Time to go inside and sit by the fireplace with the cats and cozy up with my knitting.

Keep warm!

Monday, January 30, 2012

From Plain to Classic!

Ever have a shirt, sweater, pants, socks, anything that just seem BLAND? I have from time to time. Most of the cloths I own either have a pattern, design, or some thing extra that just makes it MORE.

BLAND... DULL.... BORING... are not words you want to have associated with your wardrobe. And why should you??? Nothing can hold you back from being more than those life less words!

Case in point:

I have only one plain boring black hoodie. Comfy as hell, but just drab. I wanted to spice it up.

One trip to Hobby Lobby and I had all the supplies I needed.

One bottle of fabric color ink and one stamp. I wanted to have a more shaded/shadowly look, so I picked a lighter color.

I washed and dryed the hoodie just to be sure it was clean. Then I ironed the spot that I wanted to stamp my image. I used a paper plate and squeezed out a decent amount of the fabric ink onto the plate. I pushed the stamp into the ink on the plate and moved it around to make sure it was fully coated. Took the stamp and position it in the correct spot before putting it on the fabric, then firmly pressed down on the stamp, let it sit for about 5/10 seconds and removed the stamp.

You have to let the image sit flat for 4 hours to let it dry completely. It can't be washed for 72 hours. When I did end up washing it, I flipped it inside out. Protects the ink better, but its not required.

The image didn't come out absolutely perfect, but it came out pretty damn good. I am MORE than happy with it. I got my shadowy, romantic look and thats all I wanted. going to sew on some ribbon to the sleeves, but haven't found the right color yet. Will update when that happens.

New Treasures

Several years ago, way back when I was still in college and living at home..... sounds a little sad now that I think about it cause I'm back living at home.........
I baught this glass blown clover at Hobby Lobby. This was about 7 years ago. Every year since I have looked for another one. I LOVE all things Irish and green. (big surprize... look at my page!) Anyway I have never been able to find another one, big or small. Until yesturday!

While wondering around the ARC store with my Mom I found one. The metal loop piece at the top that holds it was bent and not glued down anymore, but other wise it was in good condition. I needed to clean it up, but that is easy enough. Didn't take me more than 5 minutes to re-glue the metal loop back down to the base. Let it sit for a while and it was perfect.

Right next to it on the shelf was this beautiful green glass container. It was filthly as hell, but it was in perfect condition. Once I got it home and washed out and scrubbed I could read the writing on it and that just made it an even better find.

Couldn't have asked for any better finds. Granted I found some other great things, but these were worth the trip down the mountain. Got about 5 yards of denim too, so score!!!

I love the ARC stores. SERIOUSLY have to check them out! Plus the clover cost me $.50 and the glass was $1.99. Totally great. CHECK THEM OUT!!!

Mark a Memory

For some reason I have this amazing ability. Its not one I wish I had... its the ability to lose things. Over the years I think I have had, at least, 30 bookmarks. Yet SOME HOW I don't have a single one anymore.

I figured I could make one easy as day, so I searched for a simple idea and decided to do a cross stitch one. I picked two images I liked and went well together. A kitty paw print and an outline of a kitty.

Took me about an hour and a half to finish it. (Cats wanted to "help" me in every way possible BUT one that was helpful.) I wanted some thing cute and simple. What do you think? I think I met my goal.

Plus its my little reminder of my Stella baby.... and how much I really miss her.

Stella was my Christmas gift in 2010.

Stella and me playing.

She LOVED to stretch out and sun bath.

My sweet baby girl with her cute buddy feet.

She had serious issues after she was de-clawed. Didn't help that she had taken to peeing and pooping everywhere she wanted. Sadly we had to put Stella down around September of this year. I miss her so very very much. *tearing up*

*Blows nose* So if any of you would like the cross stitch patterns for the paw prints and/or kitty outline, let me know and I will scan them and post them.

Inspired to share!

I happen to follow a WONDERFUL man and his creative blog called Inspired by Charm.

He is giving away a chance to have a subscription of FOLK magazine on his blog. I would highly recommend checking it out.

Folk is a lovely magazine. I had a hard time finding it out here, but their website is much easier to find :)!! FOLK also happens to have a blog here.

Please take the time to check out Inspired by Charm. Its full of great ideas and wonderful stories.