Monday, January 30, 2012

From Plain to Classic!

Ever have a shirt, sweater, pants, socks, anything that just seem BLAND? I have from time to time. Most of the cloths I own either have a pattern, design, or some thing extra that just makes it MORE.

BLAND... DULL.... BORING... are not words you want to have associated with your wardrobe. And why should you??? Nothing can hold you back from being more than those life less words!

Case in point:

I have only one plain boring black hoodie. Comfy as hell, but just drab. I wanted to spice it up.

One trip to Hobby Lobby and I had all the supplies I needed.

One bottle of fabric color ink and one stamp. I wanted to have a more shaded/shadowly look, so I picked a lighter color.

I washed and dryed the hoodie just to be sure it was clean. Then I ironed the spot that I wanted to stamp my image. I used a paper plate and squeezed out a decent amount of the fabric ink onto the plate. I pushed the stamp into the ink on the plate and moved it around to make sure it was fully coated. Took the stamp and position it in the correct spot before putting it on the fabric, then firmly pressed down on the stamp, let it sit for about 5/10 seconds and removed the stamp.

You have to let the image sit flat for 4 hours to let it dry completely. It can't be washed for 72 hours. When I did end up washing it, I flipped it inside out. Protects the ink better, but its not required.

The image didn't come out absolutely perfect, but it came out pretty damn good. I am MORE than happy with it. I got my shadowy, romantic look and thats all I wanted. going to sew on some ribbon to the sleeves, but haven't found the right color yet. Will update when that happens.

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