Monday, January 30, 2012

New Treasures

Several years ago, way back when I was still in college and living at home..... sounds a little sad now that I think about it cause I'm back living at home.........
I baught this glass blown clover at Hobby Lobby. This was about 7 years ago. Every year since I have looked for another one. I LOVE all things Irish and green. (big surprize... look at my page!) Anyway I have never been able to find another one, big or small. Until yesturday!

While wondering around the ARC store with my Mom I found one. The metal loop piece at the top that holds it was bent and not glued down anymore, but other wise it was in good condition. I needed to clean it up, but that is easy enough. Didn't take me more than 5 minutes to re-glue the metal loop back down to the base. Let it sit for a while and it was perfect.

Right next to it on the shelf was this beautiful green glass container. It was filthly as hell, but it was in perfect condition. Once I got it home and washed out and scrubbed I could read the writing on it and that just made it an even better find.

Couldn't have asked for any better finds. Granted I found some other great things, but these were worth the trip down the mountain. Got about 5 yards of denim too, so score!!!

I love the ARC stores. SERIOUSLY have to check them out! Plus the clover cost me $.50 and the glass was $1.99. Totally great. CHECK THEM OUT!!!

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