Monday, January 30, 2012

Mark a Memory

For some reason I have this amazing ability. Its not one I wish I had... its the ability to lose things. Over the years I think I have had, at least, 30 bookmarks. Yet SOME HOW I don't have a single one anymore.

I figured I could make one easy as day, so I searched for a simple idea and decided to do a cross stitch one. I picked two images I liked and went well together. A kitty paw print and an outline of a kitty.

Took me about an hour and a half to finish it. (Cats wanted to "help" me in every way possible BUT one that was helpful.) I wanted some thing cute and simple. What do you think? I think I met my goal.

Plus its my little reminder of my Stella baby.... and how much I really miss her.

Stella was my Christmas gift in 2010.

Stella and me playing.

She LOVED to stretch out and sun bath.

My sweet baby girl with her cute buddy feet.

She had serious issues after she was de-clawed. Didn't help that she had taken to peeing and pooping everywhere she wanted. Sadly we had to put Stella down around September of this year. I miss her so very very much. *tearing up*

*Blows nose* So if any of you would like the cross stitch patterns for the paw prints and/or kitty outline, let me know and I will scan them and post them.

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