Friday, January 14, 2011

Hiccup in the process

Ironically its kind of a bad time for me to have created this blog. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE doing projects of all kinds, but right now is not a great time in my life.

I recently lost my job and its been really tight. My parents (bless them soo much) have agreed to allow me to move back home if I am unable to find a job by the middle of next month. I broke my lease right after Christmas when we all decided it would be the best idea instead of trying to pay for me to stay in my apartment. For the last several weekends I have been packing up my apartment and taking everything to my parent's house. My parents have a fairly large storage room, which sadly I am going to completely fill, that will house all the stuff I have right now. Luckily if I AM able to find a job I will be able to un-break my lease (as long as they haven't rented out my apartment) and move everything back. Sadly I have only had one interview, so its not looking good.

I packed up all my crafting supplies, as they were in the bedroom and that was the next room to be boxed up. I will still have my cross stick, knitting, and some fabric available to do some tiny projects. I will try and keep posting things, even if its just links to other people's projects. (I will hope that you mention that I did so on those sites as to show thanks)

I will most likely be moved out of my apartment by February 11th.

I was able to find the templates to make the decorations for my friend Sarah's baby mobile that I am going to make for her. Just need to get the right fabric now. I also found the mobile parts, so I will hopefully purchase that soon.

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