Thursday, March 10, 2011

Copper bird bracelet

I have been feeling bored on my days off.... Oh yeah I got a part time job to make some money till I can get another career job. Other wise my parents might seriously kill me. LOL
Anyway I couldn't find a lot to do, so I thought I would try my hand at making some jewelry for myself. I had no trouble learning to make my own flower hair pins. I wanted to make a bracelet that would actually fit my fatter wrists, because not much does.

I found some cute accessory items at Hobby Lobby, which were 50% off (score!), and some copper chain that I wanted to use with it, also 50% off. Took me a little while to figure out how to do the beads that I wanted to add, but it came out pretty well.

1.)wire cutter, rounder, and"squeeze" cramp.
2.) 2'' head pins in copper to match the chain and other items (best to match ALL pieces so one doesn't look out of place)

3,4,5,6.) Bird charm accessory, large rings, clip, and chain. (again all in the same color)

7.) Find some beads that you think would match the theme you have, or just that you like the look.

8.) I used plastic embellishments in the middle.


*I first took the chain and wrapped it around my wrist to figure out the length I wanted. I then marked that spot and plied the next ring off the chain to make it the length I wanted. (This is why I buy the longest chain available because the remaining can be used for other things)
*I wanted to put my two bird charms toward the ends and the plastic embellishments in the middle, so I counted my chain links (less the last two that would be the closer rings) to place them evenly.
*Took a headpin and wrapped one end into a circle, slide the bead on, and then took the other end and wrapped it into a circle as well.
*Take a ring and pry it open, slide in the charm, slide into the circle on the other end of the headpin, now pry close the ring. ***Will need to repeat 2,3 and 4th steps for other end.
*Take a ring and pry it open, slide into a chain link in the middle, slide on the plastic embellishment, pry ring closed. (I did this twice with different sizes)

All done.

This is what mine looked like when it was done. What do you think?

I still want to do a neckless, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I have noticed that the bird charms hang down a little too far. I might have to undo the bead part and just use a ring to hang the charm. I haven't decided if it bothers me enough to change it just yet. Think it might be a good idea?