Monday, September 19, 2011

Purple classic

I spent last weekend cleaning and organzing a few things and I noticed that I still had some left over purple pearls from the bracelet I made my friend earlier. I liked how the bracelet came out, so I wanted to do another one, but give it a different look at the same time. I wanted some thing more timeless and classy.

*purple pearls (in various sizes)
*bead wire (.45mm)
*lobster clasp (I used a figure 8 clip closure)
*jump rings
*one head pin
*clamp beads
*diamond jump rings
*needle nose pliers
*clamp pliers
*round nose pliers
*wire cutters

*tip 1* As with all jewerly designs I make I planned out the design before I started doing anything. I wanted to use the purple pearls and not just one size, so like before I used both the big and medium sized pearls. I will be putting diamond jump rings in between each pearl to create a more classy look.

*tip 2* Always measure for each project to make sure the lengths are correct. Once you have done them enough times you will know the required lengths and can skip this step.

- Measure out the length of bead wire you will need to fit around your wrist and then give yourself about 2 inches to loop back through at the end.

- Take a clamp and thread it on the bead wire; then take one end of the lobster clip and loop the bead wire through it and the clamp. This should allow for a loop to hold the one end in place.
-Use the clamp pliers to clamp everything in place.

-Thread the pearls and diamond jump rings on in the order of the design you picked ahead of time (see *tip 1* )
-Continue this until you have the length you determined earlier. (see *tip 2* )

-Once you have finished your design for the length slide on a clamp and use the clamp pliers to secure it in place.

*suggestion 1* I like to do one clamp bead at the end to make sure everything stays tight and then another to create the loop, this is NOT required. You can choose to use only one clamp bead, just be sure to keep the beads tight or you will end up with gaps when you wear it.

-Take another clamp bead and thread it on first, then slide on the other end of the lobster clip (normally its just a jump ring), then thread the wire back through the clamp you did first and tighten the wire until you have a small loop.
-Use the clamp pliers to close the clamp.

-Take a wire cutters and clip off the extra wire as close as possible to the clast clamp bead.

That will finish off the bracelet.

I wanted to add a dangler pearl for a little extra appeal.

-Take a head pin and put on a pearl.

-Use a  round nose pliers to round of the other end of the head pin to create an loop.

-Attach the loop to one end of the bracelet's loop. (In my case I used a figure 8 clip for a closure piece on the bracelet, so I attached my dangle pearl to one end of the 8 clip.)

Finished product looks darn good if I do say so. I wore it the other day to an interview. It came out much nicer than I thought. I especially like the medium and large pearls together. At first I thought that would make it look wierd, but I like it.

What do you think? Let me know. I love feed back.

Hope you try it out and show me your own finished products!

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