Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fog Falls

The weather up here has finally proved that it is definitly not summer anymore. Its been foggy, rainy, and cold the last few days. The mornings have been frost filled and chilly.

I have no issue with this at all, as I LOVE fall and winter. Fall is my favorite season of all time. In Colorado is a very short season. Winter takes over pretty quickly.

The shots from the house have been great though. We live in a valley surrounded by mountains on every side.

This is a zoomed out view from our porch. Its fun watching the fog set in.

Another view from our porch, but the fog is slowly creeping in more and more. I love the look of the neighborhood when it gets foggy and wet.

As soon as I get a day off I'm going to take some picture of the Aspen groves before the turn colors. I'm also going to take some when they do turn because its just about the 2nd most beautiful thing to be able to see.

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