Friday, January 6, 2012

Lost Treasures

Around the middle of December I was doing some indepth cleaning and organizing and I discovered a bunch of pendants. They either didn't have chains or I simply forgot about them. Even found one I thought I had lost a long time ago. There was about 5 or 6, so I thought it would be a good way to use up the small beads I have.

I don't use seed beads for much of anything, but for some reason I always end up with a bunch. These necklesses wiped out about one tube for each neckless.

I have a pink cross and now I have a neckless that fits it.

I got a Chinese fish pendant from my mother  a few years back and never had a gold chain, so I made one that fits the colors in the pendant.

I had a two sided stone pendant that was on a leather strip, but it broke, so I thought this might be better.

This Chinese lucky pendant was actually part of a package that is for using on cards and scrapbooking, but I wanted to do something different. 

Forgot about my music pic pendant compeletly. Glad I have a neckless for it now.

I didn't have any more beads that I thought would look good with this clover pendant, so I just made a new chain.

From one little discovery I now have several new necklesses!

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