Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Under sink is under control

I finally got around to finding decent baskets to finished organizing the bathroom. I did under the sink and used two baskets from Target and one cloth one I had over from my own room. I wasn't using it so it seemed a waste to not use it some where. 

There was about 7 bottles of cleaner that were mostly empty (as in about one or two sprays left), so those got the heave-ho. I found about 7 different types of leather cleaner, which is an odd place for these to be located, but until I get around to cleaning out the front door closet they will have to stay under the sink in my bathroom.

Thankfully this house was so new and well maintained that I didn't have to do any scrubbing or anything under the sink. I did put a few cedar balls down there to try and overpower the cleaner smell.

The fabric basket is holding all the leather cleaning supplies, shoe cleaning items, and my bra cleaning solution.

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