Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shades of Color

I had a TON of crystal gem stones that came in strips of color combos. I had so many that I went on a bracelet frenzy. I even had the same color combos in small and regular crystals... as seen in these sets:

Now I am ALL for super easy projects. I make it a point to find things that are easier to make with and to use in general.
I love circle closures (like shown in the first picture). They are simple to string on when making the bracelet and they make it SO easy to put on. Magnetic closures are also very convenient to work with and put on. They are stronger than people think and make getting bracelets on ridiculously easy.
It seems to most people who make jewelry that they have an insane amount of supplies, and some things you aren't entirely sure what you had in mind when you bought them. I feel that way when it comes to seed beads. They are tiny and annoying. Plus I don't actually 'bead' anything with a needle and thread, which is what most sead beads are designed to be used in. I like to use them as spacer beads (as shown in both pictures). It keeps the crystal beads from rubbing against each other and breaking. I only get seed beads in standard colors and only get more when I only have like 3 left.

I use the standard rule of stringing when I make these bracelets. Very easy and basic.

-Crystal beads (set out in the pattern you want to string on)
-wire cutters
-clamp pliers
-seed beads
-needle nose pliers

*Measure your wrist and cut wire about 5 inches longer than needed.
*Then find a clasp you like (in my case the circle closure clasp).
*Thread a clamp onto the wire; then the wire through the loop on the clasp and back through the clamp. (use the needle nose pliers to pull the loop tight)
*Press the clamp tight.
*Then thread the crystals and seed beads in the design order that you picked.
*Once you have gotten the length you need you need to slide on a clamp onto the wire and then wrap it around the loop of the clasp and finally back through the clamp.
*Squeeze the clamp closed.

Normally I end up with a few each beads (like 8 or 4) left over once I have reached my desired length. I use these to make earrings because its a very quick project that can use a small amount. This way I don't have to waste them. I try and make different types so it doesn't seem like all my bracelet/earring sets are the same. Some times I just feel like using the crystals for basic earrings and not a full set.

Most times however I like to use them all up and thats easiest done by making a bracelet. Hence why I have so many now....

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