Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fluer-de-lis all around


*Fluer-de-lis design chain
*bubble clasp
*jump rings (2)
*needle nose pliers
*Measuring tape

*Tip 1- Plan It Out* As with all jewelry designs I laid out the design on my bead board before I started doing anything. Had to try out different style gem stones to see which one matched best, as I did not buy any of the beads at the same time. This also includes making sure the clasp and any clamp beads being used match the color pallet.

*Tip 2- Measure* Always measure for each project to make sure the lengths that fit best are correct. This is important when making items for other people. Once you have done them enough times you will know the required lengths and can skip this step.


- Measure out the length of bead wire you will need to fit around your wrist and then give yourself about an inch for the clasp to attach.

-Take a pair of needle nose pliers and open a jump ring. Slide one side of the jump ring onto the end of the clasp. Then slide the other end of the jump ring onto an eye pin from one end of the chain design. Then use the needle nose pliers to close the jump ring.

*Tip 3- Consider Material and Purpose* You must always be aware of the type of give and strength your supplies have or you could end up with breaks, scrapping, and no flexibility. The heavier the wire the less bend and flexibility it has. String the beads too tightly together and some will rub together and break. String them too tightly and the beads will bunch and not bend well around your wrist. Some times you need to allow for "give room" with bracelets in order to get the bracelet to wrap. (this still applies even if you aren't using wire.)

-Take the needle nose pliers and open another jump ring. On one side of the jump ring slide on the other end of the chain design. Then on the other side of the jump ring slide on the other end of the bubble clasp. (Or length of chain if you want to use that instead. This will allow for different tightness around the wrist. This can be very helpful if you didn't follow *Tip 2* and its not long enough to go all the way around the wrist.) You are free to close the jump ring with the needle nose pliers.

That will finish off the bracelet.

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