Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mother's Day bracelet gifts of personality.

I'm a little behind on doing my posts, so this particular topic will seem a bit past due. :P

I have some lovely friends that I work with and several of them happen to be lovely mothers too. Since Mother's Day was coming up and I wanted to do something for each of them, I thought of my jewelry.

Each girl had their own design, as they each have their own style!

This was for Janus. She is a bit more traditional to me, and more down to earth. I thought it was a good design to not be too girly, but still have a nice feel.

This was for Mendy who is a big fan of yellow and flowers. Thought it would be bright and lively, as she is both those things.

Tanya is a bit mellow (not by much), but very girly. I wanted to express both those ideas. Also she has a big love of purple, which I think fits her more mellow nature.

Jess is a very earthy themed lady. She likes vibrant colors and traditional looks. Great combo!

Each girl was very happy with their gifts. I just wanted to give a little bit of each back to them. Their personalities are so different, but mix so well together. I love it!

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