Sunday, January 16, 2011

Clearances are worth checking over

I love wandering the clearance section. After applying to about 25 jobs all morning long I needed out of my apartment and off my a**! My favorite store is closed on Sundays, so I went to Michael's and I knew they had added more stuff to their clearance section. I found a bunch of note card patterns for $.25 each! I spent $3.75 for 15 note card packs. Score!

Now this might seem a bit much for most people. I mean 15 packs? There is a story behind this:

Well last year for my friend Sarah's birthday I got her a package of various vintage Barbie note cards.

 These are some samples of the Barbie cards I got her.  This gift reminded her of when we were in school together and we would write notes to each other through the entire day to entertain ourselves. Because she has various ones and I had a package of glitter images of Paris note cards we started writing notes to each other again. Since we have various ones we would send a new card one each time. This lead to us wanting to find new types to send to each other. At Christmas I found another set of Barbie ones for her, as she is nuts about Barbie.

Of course today when I found these note card packs for $.25 I was excited because this would give me new images to send. Several of these cards belong to a set.

These are the Shabby Chic set. Very vintage look, which is what I love about them.

This says "The Queen has arrived." I like the saying because it kind of cracks me up. There was other cards to this set, but they were pretty stupid looking, so I just got this one.
This set has foil for the detail lining. It even had a stamp that matched them, which is different but cool.

I love the detail on these ones. Reminds me of Spring and the joy of new growth. Very pretty.

Can't tell me that $3.75 is worth what I found. Very proud of these finds.

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