Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quilt project idea

I had planned to start working on decorating my bathroom before I lost my job. However, I still want to do the project I had in mind before everything happened. I wanted to do a garden theme in my bathroom. My shower curtain is actually what inspired it.
All the pastels reminded me of Spring and new life. Then I found these bird pictures at the ARC store and it started to all come together.

So I want to make a 4x4 square quilt and frame it, or just back it and hang it. (Haven't decided for sure yet)

I won't make it very big, but that's the lay out I want to do.
Fabric number 1 is

Fabric 2 is

Fabric 3 is

Fabric 4 is

Fabric 5 the center is

Fabric 6 is going to be the surrounding color. I haven't decided if I will use the right side (it has glitter on it) or the wrong side, as I actually like how the wrong side looks. Which would you choose?

It should be pretty quick and easy to put together once I get the squares all cut out. And like I said it won't be very big overall, so the individual squares will need to be relatively small.

This is the general lay out. Obviously the corners and sides will repeat, but that's the idea. I think it should be pretty when its all put together.

The upside was that JoAnne had a large sale on fabric and so two of the fabrics were 40% off and the rest was 30% off, and the glitter fabric was actually 70% off. Pays to wait for sales. I also had a 50% off coupon, which I used on a fabric pencil.

I will update when its done.

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