Thursday, February 10, 2011

sleepiness is spreading

Stella, the kitten my parents got me for Christmas had a pretty intense cold. She has since gotten over it for a few months now, but we are starting to think she might have given it to Stu and Grace. Stu was sleeping for days on end, he ate and cleaned, but he was sleep pretty much the rest of the time. He wouldn't play with the others and didn't even want to be around them. Normally they are all sleeping together.
Grace and Stella playing on my rocking chair seat
Hell, Stu was even getting to the point of hissing at the other cats to get them away. He just wanted to be alone, but he would let us pet him and he would sleep with us. However, he is starting to be more playful and a little more energetic.
Grace, on the other hand,... is now sleeping all the time. She doesn't meow, which is VERY odd for her, because she is our vocal cat. She meows to find the other cats, she meows to find us, she meows when she wants to be petted, she meows just cause... I call her squeaker, because she has a tiny meow most of the time. She is sleeping all the time now like Stue was. She just looks so sad. She has been sleeping close to us most of the time.

I think we give off heat and she is cold, so when I see her sleeping some where else I wrap her up to keep her warm. Poor little ones. Stella likes it when I wrap her up too... actually they all like being covered by blankets.

 I believe we will be dragging them (that's how they will see it) to the vet to get a check up. They REALLY hate being in their carriers. Well everyone but Stella, she has no issue with the carrier.

Sometimes it strikes us how alike Stella and Stu look. The only big difference is Stella has white boots on both back feet and they go up to her "knees". Also she has a white 'hook' that is on her chin. Other wise size is the only real difference, but when they are together its sometimes really hard to tell.
Stella is on the left and Stu is on the right. In this picture you can't really tell which is which, cause of the angles they are sitting. Stu and Stella love sleeping on that rug by the front door.
Little hard to see the two of them, but Stu is on the right and you can clearly see his head, but Stella is stretched out, as you can see by her white boots. Her head is next to Stu's head, but they are so close together its hard to see without really staring. They are so cute together.

I really hope that they all start to feel better and stay that way. Its so strange to not hear them or see them playing together. Stella is really the only energetic of the three right now and I think she is getting bored of playing alone. She tried to play with them in bed, but they tend to just walk off, or just ignore her.

Poor little ones.

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