Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stretch out

Stella has taken to sleeping stretched out. Its rather hilarious because alot of the time she buries her head under something... or one of the other cats. Its way too cute not to share!

This is the end with her head.... which ironically is where Gracie's butt is.

How she can breath with her head cramped in like that I have no idea.

LONG little kitty with her white go go boots.

One of the greatest things Mom and I have ever bought are these pillows that the cats like to sleep on. First Mom got the two we have laying on the floor by the sliding glass door. The cats, at that time were only Grace and Stu, LOVED them. They still use them all the time, except at night when they sleep with us. When I found out I got Stella I got a pillow for her to have when she would come to live with me... which ended up just being another pillow to have at my parents place. ALL the animals, including Lucy love to sleep on it.

Grace and Stella enjoying the pillows my Mom first got. They love to attack the button in the middle.

Stella just about covers the whole thing when she stretches out.

This is the pillow I bought for Stella, but as I said all the animals love it. Currently Stu is enjoying it.

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