Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crystal Cluster ring

In the book Crystal Jewerly Creations there is a ring called "Fruity Cluster" and that is what I used as an inspiration for this ring. Its VERY easy to do.

This is the book:

What I used:

12 head pins
1 ring with 3 loops
2 deep blue gems
4 gray luster gems
4 deep purple gems
1 light purple gem

On the first loop on the ring I put 2 gray luster gems (one on each side of all the other gems), 1 dark blue gem (for the middle), and 1 dark purple gem (for the middle). The middle loop on the ring only had 2 dark purple on either side and the 1 light purple gem in the middle. The last loop had the same as the first loop. Thats it! Easy as pie!

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