Sunday, August 7, 2011

Flower bracelet

On my days off I have been trying to wear ANYTHING that doesn't remind me of my work uniform. Normally this means bright colors and very summery designs. It makes for a very cheery mood. I wanted something to go with my summer/fresh start (when off from work) feel and I had found these great painted beads at a garage sale in Cripple Creek the other day. (Like I said if not the ARC stores I am all for yard sales and estate sales, you find great stuff for cheap.)

I wanted to just use the flower beads, but there was not enough of them. Plus they were the kind that have a much wider hole, so I need to use other beads to kind of 'fill' the gaps. I had these light jade beads and some bright pink beads, which matched the color of the painted flowers.
I am down right HORRIBLE at describing how to loop the bead wire for bracelets, so for this one I will just show you the finished projects and list the items.

I used:
.24mm bead wire (flexes easier)
7 pink beads
5 green jade beads
10 painted flower beads
two crimp beads (silver)
1 set of claw clasps
1 head pin
1 inch section of chain

And since I had to have random amounts of beads I finished off what I had left and made a set of clasp earings. The earings aren't great because I couldn't do it the way I wanted (the painted flowers have a hole that is too big and the headpin would slip though if I used it first like I had PLANNED).

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