Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vintage Pendant

A few months ago my Mother found this vintage pendant and she asked me if I could make i up for her. She found it at a yard sale for .10 cents. Its in great condition, so it didn't need much 'clean up' work. I took her to a store downtown and made her pick out some beads and gems that she liked. When we got home I had her sit down and make out a design for it. She set out a  rough design and I tweeked it a little, but for the most part, I kept it the same. This was the start up design and what I went off.

As I said this was just a rough design. I would suggest doing this for all your projects. Makes it easier to see the over all picture. Plus you can get a general feel for what items you might run out of, that is if you try and make it to reflect the correct lengths. I always measure first, design, and then start my project and continue to measure through out to be sure I don't go over or be short.

I used:
10 eye pins
12 light green gems
40 brown luster beads
1 vintage pendant
4 jump rings
1 set of claw clasps
about 10 inches of brushed gold chain- fine

I put jump rings on each side of the pendant and closed them.
I them did each eyepin set of beeds and gems. I did 4 sets of 3 brown luster beads, 1 green gem, and 3 more brown luster beads. Then 2 sets of 1 green gem, 2 brown luster beads, and 1 green gem.
Here is a version of one:

At either side of the pendant I added two sets of brushed gold leave covers and then a green gem inbetween. I thought this added a little more nature feel to it and dressed it up. This was NOT part of the original idea, but it fits well.

After I finished with the eyepin sets I cut up pieces of chain that was even for each section inbetween the eyepins. I just counted each ring and then opened the last count to attach to an eyepin in the order I wanted.

This was my finished product. A nice vintage pendant for my Mom.

Since it was so easy to make and I still had some beads and gems left I made a pair of dange earings to go with. I took the idea of the brushed gold leaves from either side of the pendant I added and made two more. I cut two lengths of he fine brushed gold chain and attached a brown lusted bead to the end of each. I had some light gold triangle gems that I thought would go well, but Mom didn't want on the neckless, and I added two to each chain midway between the leaved gem and the bead at the bottom.

Mom loved the earings, so it was a good idea. Plus I hate being left with only one or two of a certain gem/bead. Just easier to use them all if its possible.

This project was easy and very vintage, so totally up my alley. Plus it made my Mom happy, so totally worth it.

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