Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little helper

My family loves pets. We have just about always had a dog, which is no different now since we have Lucy. However, we have ALWAYS had cats and not just one. Normally we have several at once. Mom, myself, and my brother Scott are more attached to cats. The cats seem to be just as attached to us as we are to them. (as I type this Stue, our black and white cat, is walking behind my head and now sitting between my legs purring like crazy.)
Stue has a love of people's heads. He likes to sleep ontop of your head and clean you when you try to move. its nice in the winter because it keeps you both warm. Now because there is yarn in the house the cats go nuts when they see it. (Mom is currently stuggling with Grace because she is trying to attach the yarn as she is crocheting.)
Mom is in the process of trying to sort and caterogies her yarn in the sewing room. She emptied her knitting basket and as son as she did Stue took over....

 He is happiest when surrounded by things... so he got buried by yarn shortly thereafter. He also loves to fetch/chase rolls of socks. He goes NUTS if you throw one down the stairs. Its hilarious. ...ah now he is curled up against my neck and snoring, while Grace is trying to kill my toes.... oh how I love our cats.

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