Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lay out

It only took me about a month...and then some... to buy another packet of my quilt fabric and cut them out. I had then washed and ironed for about 2 weeks and I just kept putting it off to do other things. Then mom yelled at me for having them lying around, so I just sat down and cut them out. {Plus it saved me from having to endure anymore really bad football!}

I FINALLY took the time to plan it out last night. I didn't want any block to be diagonal or be next to the same block. Took a little creative juices, but I got it done.

Now it goes pretty far up and down the bed, so I'm confident it will be plenty big.

The sides don't go very far, but I will still be putting a 10 inch border of purple around the entire quilt. {The blocks are 9 1/2 inch by 9 1/2 inches}

i.e. this purple:

 By the way this is what I got the idea and what I am following. They call for bigger blocks and less because of it, but I wanted the detail and colors of having more, so I'm slightly following this idea.

Now I just have to sit my pretty behind down and get to sewing. I have the lay out for each row stacked and numbered on my chest just waiting for me to piece them together. It will probably be another month before anything happens... because I'm just special like that!

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