Saturday, October 15, 2011

Traditions Worth Eating

Fall is my all time favorite seasons. Traditions are big with me and this season has a few that I love to enjoy. A big one is making caramel apples. I LOVE caramel apples.

They are very easy to make too. You just need apples, caramels, measuring spoons, water, sticks, waxed paper, spoon, and a cookie pan.
I like these caramels, so easy to melt and it even has directions to make these apples. If you are going to make more than 5 medium apples then you will need more than one bag. (just beware of it)
Take said caramels, add two tablespoons of water, put it on a low heat and watch it to be sure it doesn't burn as it melts. Make sure its smooth and all the pieces are compeletly melted.

While waiting for the cubes to melt you can wash the apples. Then once they are dried put the sticks in the bottom of the apples.

Once the caramels are melted take one apple and drop it into the pan with the caramels. Use a spoon to drip the caramel on the top and on the sides to cover the entire apple. Once the entire apple is covered pull the apple out and let the extra caramel drip off. Try to let as much as possible extra caramel drip off before putting the apple on the wax paper. (btw put the wax paper over the cookie sheet ... which I forgot to meantion) Repeat these last few steps for the remaining apples. If you are feeling creative you can add nuts, or candy, or icing to the apples. I tried the nut option and it kind of worked... waited to long to roll the apple in the caramel so not alot of the nuts stuck. Once you are done, put them in the fridge to cool. This will help with trying to remove the apples from the paper.

 Tad-da you have caramel apples! I didn't get super creative with mine (mostly because I had to go to work shortly after doing them), but you can do some really fun stuff with them.

Caramel apples are my favorite candy during Halloween. They are fun to make and really get you in the mood of the season. I hope you all do some traditions of your own.

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