Friday, January 6, 2012

Slightly bigger OOPS ...

Turns out I was SERIOUSLY slacking lately. I forgot to take pictures of several projects! I am majorily annoyed with myself. I'm hoping that the people I gave the projects to will do me a favor and take a picture of the items for me. I can't believe I did this. *smacks myself*

 As it stands right now I am missing pictures of the finished baby blanket I was doing for my friend Sarah, the two scarves I knitted up in a week, the pearl bracelet I made for my friend Jennifer and the canvas bag I made for her, along with the bracelet/earring set I made for a girl I work with. Thats 7 projects where I missing the steps and the pictures. *smacks myself twice*

Seems that I am seriously behind on projects as it is. I haven't started my knitting blocks afghan, all of my Christmas fabric flowers *knocks forehead on table*, and about 7 neckless sets. I haven't finished my key bookmark cross stitch, my leaf cross stitch, or my quilt.

Luckily I have a VERY light work schedule this coming weekend/week. I have plans tomorrow to spend time with Mom before I work (ironically we are going shopping for craft items), but after work I am free to try and finish some projects. I have the following two days off, so that will be crunch time for me. I need to work on the things that I know I can finish in a day. Hopefully once they are all done I should be able to start on the other projects that will take more time and piecing together, i.e. the knitting block afghan.

Yay I got Sarah to take pictures of the blanket I made for River, so woohoo for that. Got Jen's voicemail... but she tends to check it pretty quickly.

Well then I best be posting what I actually have pictures to go with.

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