Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Treasured childrens book

As you all know my mother and myself love 'hunting' at the A.R.C. stores here in Colorado. I have many a time encouraged you to do the same. Its an inexpensive way to find some really great things, plus the money is put to good use helping those with disabilities.

Last weekend was another run for the weekend specials. Every weekend the color tags go 50% off less two types. We of course found some great things, but one thing that really caught my eye was this collection of old children stories.

Its in good condition and its from 1955. The artwork is just amazing.

The book has stories, but also old poems. It had all the ones I remember and a few I haven't heard of, but Mom had from her childhood.

I was going to send it to my aunt for her little boy, but I'm starting to think I would like to keep this for myself. Possible for my own child.... if I ever have one.

Either way this was a great find!

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