Thursday, January 12, 2012

Knitted Baby Blanket

Its always a joy having friends who are just as thrilled about being creative as they are about getting creative things from others. Also nice that they share the same love and slight obsession.

My friend Sarah kindly took some pictures of the finished baby blanket I gave to her and River for Christmas. As I said after the New Year I was slacking during the last few months. This resulted in forgetting to take several pictures of completed projects. This blanket was one such slight of mind.

As stated in the previous entries, this was actually meant to be a baby shower gift, but seeing as I missed that by several months I figured Christmas would have to do! I was only about half way done when River was born. Thankfully I was a might quicker at finishing the rest than I was at the first half.

This was, what I consider anyway, big knitting project. Its all garter stitch so nothing fancy. I used 3 balls of yarn, but I decided to make the 1st and last be the same dye lot and the 2nd to be a different one. You can see a clear difference and I was actually hoping for that particular look.

 If I remember correctly its 99 cast on stitches making it fairly longer width wise than length, but I thought it would be better that way for wrapping her up.

Over all it has a nice flow to it with the different dye lot in the middle. I did such a good job on it. I didn't mess even once. I was rather proud of myself. This project actually inspired me to start learning new things about knitting.

My next project is going to be doing squares of several different knits in several shades of green and gray and then piece them together for an afghan. It will allow me to practice and it will be a good addition to my Irish theme for my living room. (Once I get my own place again... I can't wait for the economy to pick up!!!)

Added bonus is its made with anti-pill yarn, so when washed it won't ball up like other acrylics will. I wanted to do it in alpaca wool, but I wasn't too sure if River would be allergic or not, so went with the safe bet.

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