Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wicker Wonder

I'm not sure if I ever posted this.... if I have just bear with me.

I have a wicker wreath that I decorate some seasons. I like to have a friendly reminder within view. This wreath hangs in my room.

This was my Spring version:

This was the fall version:

 This is the Christmas version, which I have yet to change because I am not sure what to do yet:

I added a few things to it about a week before Christmas, because it seemed a bit boring.

Any suggestions on how to do it change it now? I don't feel like doing anything spring like because its seriously NOT spring like here. Just don't feel as though it should stay so Christmasy.

I did do a wreath for Mom that was on the front door. This has a more tradional feel to it. Mom is big on more standard looks. Mine was more "new age" as she would say.

There was another one that I did for outside, but my absent-mindedness was in full effect and I spaced it. I was not  very on top of things. Still trying to make my way out of that cloud. (Hence the post of Christmas wreaths!)

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