Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fall-ing flowers

I find it is simpler, less expensive, more personal, and funnier to make my hair clips and pins myself. I tend to do my fabric flowers for such things. I get compliments on them all the time. The first one I ever made was more my mother, which she has pinned on her winter coat. She is always telling me how people enjoy it and give her compliments on it. Makes me feel really good knowing people enjoy them, even from just looking at them. (Still working on possibly selling some things online.) Plus I think nit gives my Mom a sense of joy to praise me and my creativity.

As the season change I like to change with them. The summer cloths get put away and the warm sweaters and blankets come out. Makes you feel more connected. One way I like to do that is have items to wear as the seasons change. I mean if my wardrobe changes, why not other things?

I know the season has passed, but its always a good time to share and teach. I made a few fall and Halloween flowers to wear at work and for my hair. I tried a few new ideas and some just didn't work at all.

These flowers are based off the same directions and template as shown in my Fabric Flower Pins post. The template is available in that post. I have sense made a few different ones on my own. I will try and get those scanned in so you can enjoy them too.

I found several fabric choices, so I enjoyed up with quite a few.

One difference from the original Fabric Flower Pins post is that I created a felt slide on that allows for the flower to be either on a head band, used as a pin, or used as a clip for in your hair.

This design difference allows for more uses and more enjoyment. You use the same directions, but instead of sewing on a pin or glueing on a clip, you sew the edges of two pieces of felt together, allowing for the head band/clip/pin to slide through. I chose to glue the edges (lightly) after I had sewn them just to make it more secure and longer lasting.

One thing I was able to do the standard template was shrink it. This allowed for me to make a more detailed flower. This picture shows a more fuller, multi-layer flower.

This is the small flower from the template that is available on the Fabric Flower Pins pos, just shrunk a little.


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  1. These flowers are a great idea!! Thanks for visiting my site! I'm following along here :)