Monday, May 21, 2012

Birdcage Decorations

When I had my own place *sigh...* I was just starting to work on decorating the bathroom. I had almost completely finished decorating my bedroom and kitchen, so I moved on to something else. I have this lovely shower curtain (that ironically my mom found at the ARC store) that looks like a pastel waterfall.

I was going to do a nature/garden design. I want to hang bird cut outs and cages around the bathroom and put flowers around or in the cages. Luckily I just happened to find some bird and birdcage cut outs at Michaels.

I painted them in light pastel colors to go with the ribbon colors. I painted both sides, so that when I hang it from the ceiling I can look at both sides.

I painted the cage cut outs in silver glitter. Once I had painted them it looked just bland, so I decided that I would paint the bird inside the cage a pastel color too.

These will have to hang near the mirror, I think, but relatively low to really be visible.

Now if I just had a bathroom of my own to decorate!

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