Thursday, May 24, 2012

Face Lift

I have few magazine holders that are separated into interests; such as scrap booking, jewelry, knitting, and so on. I needed another one because I needed to make one just for jewelry magazines. (got too many to share a holder with another interest) I hunted in Office Depot, Target, and Walmart but I wasn't able to find one in the same (or slightly close) color as the other ones. I found a clearance one at Office Depot and figured I could just give it a face lift... so to speak.

While wondering around in Michaels you should make it a point to check out the section they always have for $2 to $1 items. I found a package of scrap booking paper that I thought would work well for this project and they were for only a $1. (Score!) I already had the Mod Podge, so I picked up a spray bottle of clear coat protector. (which goes with Mod Podge)

I cut up a soda box container and used that to work on. The scrap booking paper was a little too big, so I choose to cut them up into randomly sized pieces. I thought this gave it a more vintage collage look. I pinked a solid color for the back of the mag holder. I brushed on MP first and then put the piece of paper down. I went over the paper again with more MP to better seal it down. I placed the pieces in random directions all over the mag holder. (just not inside) Once I felt the MP had dried I took it outside and sprayed it with clear coat sealer. I did that three times; letting it dry for a full day between sprays. (This allows for better coating)

It turned out just how I wanted and its still looking great.

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  1. This looks really great and seems very easy to do. Going to have to give it a try.