Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tutorials on 'Bracket' Bracelets

Once I figured out how to make the bracket bracelets work... I started going a little nuts with them. I made several more for myself. I also wanted to make one from the same purple bracket that I made for Mom. I figured I would make mine with pearls instead of glass beads.

I also found a few more butterfly brackets in blue and purple.

I also found a few longer bracket designs that I like.

They are incredibly easy to make too. Let me tell you how:

-Bracket designs (make sure to pick up as many as you will need)
-wire cutters
-clamp pliers
-glass beads
-seed beads
-needle nose pliers

*Measure your wrist and cut wire about 5 inches longer than needed; then do it again.
*Then find a clasp you like (in my case the two ring clasp).
*Thread a clamp onto the wire; then the wire through the loop on the clasp and back through the clamp. (use the needle nose pliers to pull the loop tight)
*Press the clamp tight.
*Repeat the clamp steps if you have a second loop (like I did).
*Then thread the beads in the design order that you picked. I did two or three before sliding a bracket on. This allows for a little movement and doesn't push the bracket up onto the clasp. (especially if you used a regular one loop clasp)
*Thread about 5 glass beads and 4 seed beads in between each glass bead. That allows for a decent amount of space between the brackets and shows a visual pattern. 
*Once you have gotten the length you need you need to slide on a clamp onto the wire and then wrap it around the loop of the clasp and finally back through the clamp.
*Squeeze the clamp closed.
*Repeat those steps if you have a second loop on your closure.

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