Sunday, October 28, 2012

Falling 2012

I have a wicker wreath that I redesign every season to hang in my room.

I get to enjoy the season in my room all the time this way. I don't like to do the same design as I did last year. I allows me to flex my design muscles. This year I didn't change up my fall design that much, but enough that I don't feel like its the same.

Last year I used two leaf ropes from Michaels.

This year I wanted to do leaves, but with more pops of color and other season items.

I took down my Spring wreath.

I wrapped the wreath in the fall leaf ropes  (new ones from Michaels. Used the old ones outside).

I then added a pumpkin feature and several flower mums.

I had intended to stop at this point. I liked seeing the wicker through the leaves, but it felt bottom heavy this way, so I went all out.

This is my completed wreath. I have my pops of orange and still have features of the season. You can't tell from my pictures, but the leaf ropes have different colors and some are velvet. Gives it a different texture look in-person.

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