Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stamps and Ink Over Flow

I have done a post about making storage boxes for my stamps and inks, but sadly I needed to make another set. (I have even more stamps in a box from my move (when I had to move home) that are still boxed up.) Since I had too many to deal with in my current boxes I wanted to make another set. I thought it would be boring if I made them look the same, so I went out and got new designs (ironically more items to put in my boxes). I made a Celtic design and a more classic look.
I painted the tops the same pale blue that I did with the other two, that I did want to do over again.

I used a Celtic Knot and a swirl stamp on one box. I did the pattern all the way around the box sides and a little different version on the lid.


The other box has a flower swirl design all over the sides and a large post card bird stamp on the lid. I made the lid look a little more vintage by not letting the stamp press the whole image down.

They have the same feel as the other two boxes, but with their own distinct look. I don't see the point of having boring storage. Especially when you can make it your own! 

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