Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jewelry Storage

Since I have started making alot of my own jewelry I have no where to put it all. I have a jewelry stand that I use for my bracelets, stud earrings, rings, and pins. However I have been making several bracelets lately and they all don't fit any more. I thought a wood oval container that I thought would work for the bigger bracelets. At least this way the thin bracelets can still stay in my jewelry stand. And because I hate plain things I decided to dress it up with a little paper and of course some Mod Podge.

Much like how I made my newest magazine holder you will need to pick out a paper design you like. Take the top and flip it over to trace it out on the back of the paper. Once you have it cut out make sure it doesn't over lap in any spot. Coat the top with Mod Podge (I used the paper version) and place the paper down, making sure to smooth out the air bubbles. Let it dry for about 15 minutes before coating the top of the paper. I coated mine about three times.

While I was waiting for that to dry I started measuring the sides of the oval container. I measured it so that I could make sure I cut out the perfect strip.

Coat the sides with Mod Podge and apply the paper slowly to make sure it lays flat and doesn't apply crocked. (That was the hardest part... making sure it was on straight.) Use the roller to remove any air bubbles and press it down. I used two strips of paper to cover the sides. I had them over lap at the point on the container that it was nailed together.

I coated the sides about 3 times as well. While that was drying I went back to the cover and painted the rim the same pale blue in the paper's design.

After the paint had dried and all my coats had been applied to every thing else I applied a strip of Mod Podge to the rim and pressed down my ribbon. The ribbon wasn't exactly the same width, but that's why I painted it the same color as the ribbon and the paper. This way it would blend together. After I had pressed down the ribbon I did another coat over the ribbon to make sure it stayed in place. I coated that only twice.

Once every thing was done I sprayed it with Mod Podge acrylic gloss sealer. That helps protect it from needing to be re-coated and peeling off.

Now I have a bracelet jewelry box. I also put a few cedar balls inside to keep it fresh and keep out bugs just encase.

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