Monday, March 26, 2012

Personal Storage Touch

Since I have started helping my mother get thing a little more organized and under control, I have started to find (time and again) things of my own I could keep more organized.

I find it more personal to make my own cards. This normally entrails that I have a lot of supplies (such as stamps, inks, blank cards). I found these plain photo storage boxes at Hobby Lobby that I thought I could dress up to make them fit better in my craft area.

I took the covers off and painted them a light blue color to go with the overall color theme of my room. Once I had completely painted the covers I set them aside to dry.

I had one box that would hold all my stamps and another that would keep all my inks and paints. It only seemed appropriate to decorate the stamp box in a decorative stamp. For the box that would hold my inks and paints I went with a more vintage, old English look for the main box sides, front and back.

Once I finished doing those stamping, I took the lid that was dry and picked a slight eastern looking stamp and positioned it several times on the lid. Then I stamped the sides of the lid with the same stamp, but in different positions in order to see different parts of the detail on the side of the lid.

This is the completed version of my storage box for ink pads and paints that I use.

The stamp I picked for the box that would hold my stamps looks much like a letter. I used that all over the main box, but not on the lid. I also used a stamp that looks like postage stamps and paid markers. I used that in certain sides of the main box and positioned between another stamp on the lid. I used a new stamp I found that is two pens together with wings. I used that only on the lid of the box.

They feel more like.... me now. I like that. They are practical, but also creative and personal. I don't like having random, boring, lifeless items around me, especially if I can make them SOOO much more.

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