Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hidden in plain sight.

In the last post I showed you how to make your own water proof coasters. Since I made those sets (12 in all) for my living room I wanted to have a container for them. In the process of figuring out how I wanted to contain them I made a set of 6 for my bedroom, so I wouldn't ruin my bedroom furniture.

I found a wood box that fit the coasters perfectly and has a magnetic closure. I didn't want it to be plain so I sanded it down and picked out a color that fit each rooms's themes. (yes I have themes for my rooms)

Since my living room has a country irish theme I went with green. I painted the box, but it look boring just painted. So I found a wood flower detail accent and painted that as well. I also painted a coat of glaze on the box and the detail accent to seal the paint color.

Once the glaze dried I worked on my other box that would hold my bedroom coasters. My bedroom has a vintage french royal theme, so I went a little more classic. I painted the wood accent in a metallic sky blue. Those also got a coat of glaze to seal the colors.

Once they were both dried I sprayed them with my Mod Podge acrlyic sealer to protect it even more.

I didn't paint the inside, but it still looks great to me. The coasters fit great, event the 12 I made for the living room. (No I do NOT need that many, but I was testing out this project, so I did a basic pattern and then did a group of coasters in the theme I wanted. Why waste them?)

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