Friday, December 28, 2012

Lovely Holidays...

I hope every one had a lovely Holiday season. Hope you got spend it with family and friends. Its always nice to have the house full with family and everyone enjoying themselves. Brings a big smile and a nice warm feeling inside.

Went by rather fast for me. I spent my Christmas season being very busy. Doesn't help that I work in retail right now and that sucked away a lot of my free time. The days off were put to good use though. 

I was able to get the tree put up on the first weekend of the month.

Putting up the tree and decorating has always been my job since... Honestly I have no idea why I'm always the one to do it. I think I just started doing it so my parents didn't have to take time away from their days off to do it. My little gift I guess. Plus I seriously enjoy it. Make a day of it. (Even the little things in life are worth enjoying.) Took a little time to find all our decorations, because the storage room is full with all my stuff. I was able to organize a spot for all the Christmas stuff to go though. Once the tree is done its time to get the other decorations up.
I love finding all the hand made items. That to me is what I love most about putting out the decorations. The ornaments we have made over the years and the ones that were bought on our births. Things like that make a family. Mom made all our stockings, including hers and Dads. She even made one last year for my newest cousin Liam. Those make a deep personal touch. 

Since I like to remake the wicker wreath in my room every season I tend to have left over items from previous designs. I was able to repurpose last years Christmas decorations in my window bottle display.

Of course I needed to do a new design for the wreath, so I did that at the same time. Did a little more traditional and nature look this time.
Was surprised I had time to get any Christmas cards out, let alone make them. I made stamped cards last year and so I thought I would do the same, but with a little more flare of the season.

I love giving things with a more personal touch, so this is a nice little thing I can do that makes brings out a smile or two.
 We did get a white Christmas eve and Christmas day, which was nice. My brother stayed over on Christmas Eve because he thought it would be easier drive wise. Made for a fun night of cards and sitting by the fire.
Christmas day was a bit hectic for us. We all opened gifts and joked around. Put out a ton of food too. Then Andy picked up his girlfriend and her daughter and they opened gifts at our place too. Was a nice full house. Love that.

There were cookies (tons), snacks, chips, ham and turkey and laughter all day and night. Just perfect.
I hope your Holidays were just as lovely as mine. 

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