Sunday, December 30, 2012

Personal Touch

Emails, text messages, and voice mails are just not the same as getting a letter or a card personally. Hence why I like to add a little personal flare to my cards and letters. I want to show the recipient that I put a little effort into making it a bit more loved.

My Christmas cards were an example of this for sure. Last year I did a stamp of a reindeer and colored it with different stamps. This year I wanted a little more flare and tradition at the same time.

I took a dark maroon card stock and punched out some snow flakes. (I kept the punched out snow flakes to use for other projects.)

 I cut out a square of white glitter card stock to glue to the inside of the card so that it showed through the snow flake punch outs. Then I glued down a candy cane stripped ribbon along the top and bottom of the front face. this helped to hold the glitter card stock in place as well as be decorative.

I used a stamp on the front in dark green for the main word expression. I also did a simple stamp expression inside the card (much like tradition cards you buy). On the very back of the card I used a new hand made stamp.

May take more time, but I got a lot of thank yous and nice comments about how they looked. People like to know you spent time on them, even if its just a card saying hello.

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