Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Time Around Your Neck

I found a set of vintage clock pendants and I wanted to put them all together. It ended up looking great.

*Silver link chain.
*Clock pendants (several in my case)
*Clear gem pendant (2)
*Lobster Claw Clasp
*2 large jump rings (silver)
*7 medium jump rings (silver)
*needle nose pliers
*Measuring tape

*Tip 1- Plan It Out* As with all jewelry designs I laid out the design on my bead board before I started doing anything. Had to try out different style gem stones to see which one matched best, as I did not buy any of the beads at the same time. This also includes making sure the clasp and clamp beads match the color pallet.

*Tip 2- Measure* Always measure for each project to make sure the lengths that fit best are correct. This is important when making items for other people. Once you have done them enough times you will know the required lengths and can skip this step.

*Tip 3 - Consider Material and Purpose* You must always be aware of the type of give and strength your supplies have or you could end up with breaks, scrapping, and no flexibility. Use large items if you think the smaller version will not allow for flexibility. (i.e. large jump rings over small/medium ones)


-Measure out the length of chain you will need to fit around your neck. (see *Tip 2* )  Use the needle nose pliers to open a link to shorten the chain to your length needed.

-Take a pair of needle nose pliers and open a jump ring. Slide the jump ring onto the end of the clasp, then on one end of the chain length you just made, close the jump ring.

- Take a pair of needle nose pliers and open another jump ring. Slide the jump ring onto the end of the other length of chain. Then close the jump ring.

- Hold both ends of the chain and find the middle point. Mark that spot with tape.

- Use the needle nose pliers to open a jump ring and slide on the pendant you want in the middle. Then slide the jump ring onto the middle point of the chain. (see *Tip 1*)

- If you have a chain tower use it to clamp both ends of your chain (making sure that the chain isn't twisted). If you do not, you will have to make a point to keep the chain from twisting and remember which direction you slide the jump ring on. This is important to keep the pendants facing the right direction and hanging correctly.

- Continue to use the needle nose pliers to open jump rings and hang pendants on the chain. I spaced my out every four links on the chain to make the most use of the chain.

-Since I had an odd arrangement of clock pendants I added in two clear gem stones. In my plan (see *Tip 1*) I randomly added them in to break up the continues look.

 -At this point everything should be connected and you have a finished necklace.

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