Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dangle cat toy

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a kitty of my very own. My parents have two cats as well and when they were moving I "housed" them for a week so that they wouldn't get out or stepped on. While they were at my apartment I got them a dangle cat toy. Its just a plastic stick with a ball on the end of the stick and a sting dangling from it. They love killing it. Stella, my kitty, is NUTS about it, so I made one for her to have here at my apartment. (I take her with me whenever I go to my parent's place.)

PetsMart actually sells the plastic sticks, so I got a green one (my fav color).

I had some extra ribbon and buttonhole thread (stronger) that was a bit strechy. I crunched the ribbon length wise and sewed it together that way. Because I used a strechy thread it contracts in size when pulled and let go. I had a little bit of fringe yarn left from a gift, so I knitted a two knit wide strip. I swirled it around the ribbon and then sewed it in place.

One end was thicker from all the ends being together. I used a glue gun to glue that end to the open end of the plastic stick. Then I glues around the opening to make it stay better.

Now I have a toy for Stella to kill and its all my making.

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